Monday, 4 December 2017

Three tips for keep your customers and make them coming back

Today's organizations have to deal with dynamic and uncertain environments. In order to be successful, organizations must be strategically aware. According to Hendon (2013), business is not just similar to war, but it is war. Every business owners are always to improve their position in the market place. They know that if they increase their market share, there is another company will loose. It is a zero sum game. It not surprising if every owner-manager will looking for ways to engage customers more effectively to drive more revenue and opportunity. One of the methods for maintain customers satisfaction. 

Here are three tips for keep your customer coming back to your business. 

1. Brand the experience  
 The first thing to retain your customers and attract new ones, you must communicate your brand extensively in every communication channel especially on social media. If you don't have any social media account, be sure to sign in one. By having a social media, such as facebook, a twitter page and instagram, you can promote your brand through this channel easily and without any cost.
Make sure  you update your website regularly. So if visitors find that your blog or website are regularly up to-date, they will visit your site regularly and more likely they are to purchase something from your frequently. 

Once a while, you can update your website and blog with most recent specials or promotion to attract new customers to come and buy from you. In addition, be sure those articles are accessible to the search engine for help promote your brand. 

Meanwhile, on your facebook, if you want update your status, make sure you mix in some personal updates that everyone enjoy to read and  they can get to know you as more than just a marketer!. You can update about your daily life, interesting stories, or words of advise or encouragement.

2. Provide self-service opportunity
Now a days. most of young customers are clever and they don't want to wait. They want issues resolved immediately. So, if your service or product can resolve their problem faster than your competitors provided, it not surprisingly if they keep coming to do a business with you. In doing so, you need to have a web page or blog. This will help the web-savvy customers find the answer they need online by visit your website or blog. 

By providing the useful articles and frequently as questions that were related with your service or product, the entire customer will save their times and give them the higher satisfaction rate and new experience during visiting your website or blog post. 

3. Customer satisfaction
Concentrating on customer satisfaction  has become a major goal for every business owner recently either you do a business online or conventional. Customer satisfaction helps to get better insight of purchasing behaviour, increase sales and profit.  A full understanding of its antecedents is essential for keep them coming and do a business with you. Several studies have shown a positive influence on customer satisfaction and firm's success.

Among attributes identified are, price and  service or product or service quality.  Price are considered as an important element for determining the perception of customer toward your store. Don't over price or too humble price on your product. Tag a price that are relevant to your target customers. 

On the other hand, by providing an additional service and service quality to your customers such as post-sale customer support, on time product delivery or responsive product repair will develop sustainable competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction and attract them to do more business with you. 

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Jaja Pengedar Shaklee said...

Thank you for recommendations. Business owner should apply these so that customers love their business :)

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